Digital Design

I worked for West Midlands based 'Love Your Postcode Estate Agents' full-time as a Web / Graphic Designer between August 2015 and February 2019.

Duties included:

  • Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop and manage the Love Your Postcode Wordpress website;
  • Coding marketing emails with maximum compatibility;
  • Monitoring user journeys and general website performance using Google Analytics;
  • Managing Google Ads search, display, video and app campaigns;
  • Working as part of a team to improve website SEO: Building backlinks, managing Google Search Console, keyword analysis, meta titles/descriptions, header structure and other on-page optimisation;
  • Copywriting website pages and blog content.
Birmingham landscape

A responsive & content rich website

The Love Your Postcode website had a lot of features so the main challenge was designing the content as clean as possible and avoiding an end result that comes across as extravagant or excessive.

Love Your Postcode's homepage facts and figures on tablet

Clean but eye-catching design

A perfect example of the approach I kept across all content on the website is the 'Facts & Figures' section.

The writing is as minimal as possible to give the words that are there more punch.

On devices larger than mobile, I gave the icons a shadow to help them pop and continue the contemporary aesthetic across the website.

#1D859B | rgb(29, 133, 155)

#185363 | rgb(24, 83, 99)

#EC1868 | rgb(236, 24, 104)

#505050 | rgb(80, 80, 80)

What Stamp Duty Tax will I have to pay?

Are you a first time buyer?
Is this a second property?

My first JavaScript project

In 2016, I was asked to create a calculator for the website that would allow users to input the cost of a property and return the amount of Stamp Duty Tax it would require to buy. This could change depending on if the user was a first-time buyer, buying a second property or neither.

As I didn't know JavaScript at the time, I worked out the values for each taxband cell using mathematic formula and then my JavaScript/PHP developer colleague translated those workings into a finished calculator.

As I started to learn JavaScript in October 2018, I challenged myself to re-code the calculator myself, using only my own formula.

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